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Friday, 15 December 2017

Some Friday Orkney Folk

Let's end the week with some folk from the Orkney Islands.
Here is Kris Drever with Harvest Gypsies from his 2006 solo debut album Blackwater and a live version of the title track Steel & Stone (Black Water) recorded in Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket in January 2008.Given the date I assume it was a Celtic Connections concert..
As well as a solo artist Mr Drever is a member of Lau  and has released records with Fine Friday, Eammon Coyne, Boo Hewerdine and as part of the folk  super trio  of Drever, (John) McCusker and (Roddie) Woomble.

One of the few artists whose dad (fellow folk singer Ivan) has also appeared on these pages.

Kris Drever - Harvest Gypsies

Kris Drever - Steel & Stone (Black Water) (live)

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Icky Thump

On Icky Thump the 6th and final  studio album by The White Stripes, they  mash up northern English vernacular with the title (meaning what the heck) and the cover where Jack and Meg appear as a Pearly king and queen part of the Cockney culture of London.
The music is also the usual mash of garage rock and scuzzy blues and whatever else takes Jack's  fancy in this case Scottish folk music,trumpets and bagpipes.
The theme according to Jack is about feeling positive about being alive, taking deep breaths and just being really happy and who are we to argue
It's hard to believe that this is now 10 years old and indeed that the first of their albums was released in 1999.
With this purchase that's me now got all 6 of their studio albums something that makes me rather happy. What can I say, I'm easily pleased.

The White Stripes - You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)

The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Frankly, Mr Shankly

In the five and a bit years that CCM has been on the go I have never posted anything by The Smiths.
A couple of covers here and there but nothing by the  band.
It may well be because up until Saturday when I picked up The Queen is Dead I didn't have anything by them.
A statement which could well get me drummed out the  Brownies.
So not a huge fan as you can probably gather although the album is not bad at all.
From 1986 when Morrissey was slightly less of a right wing reactionary twat than he is now.

Time for a quote from the great man. No, not Morrissey but Bill Shankly

The socialism I believe in is everybody working for the same goal and everybody having a share in the
 rewards. That's how I see football, that's how I see life."

That's how you do it Moz

The Smiths - Frankly, Mr Shankly

The Smiths - There is a Light That Never Goes Out

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Pretty in Black

Now this is much more like it.
I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon Pretty in Black the 2005 second album by the Danish dynamic duo The  Raveonettes  among the usual dross which makes up a charity shop CD selection.
I've opted for the two singles from the album Love in a Trashcan and  Ode to L.A.
If the vocalist on the latter sounds familiar that is because it is the legend that is Ronnie Spector. Moe Tucker of Velvet Underground fame is on drums and percussion.
Which goes to show that they are held in high regard by those that know.

There are a couple of interesting covers among the bonus tracks which I will get round to featuring in due course.

The Raveonettes - Love in a Trashcan

The Raveonettes - Ode to L.A.

Monday, 11 December 2017

A Glittering Prize But No Crustaceans

I am still somewhat hungover after the Last of the Summer Wine Christmas Curry so I have neither the inclination or the energy to come up with some songs about crustaceans so sorry George and C
I may have a go later if I can come up with any songs. Suggestions welcomed.

Now you may or may not believe me but I wasn't hungover or indeed drunk earlier on the Saturday when  I picked up Glittering Prize 81/92 as part of a mini haul from a local charity shop.
It is a strange one in that it covers a period 81/82 when Simple Minds  were good and 83/92 when they weren't
If you really need to have a Simple Minds compilation then Celebration is the one to have.
Here are a couple of tracks that just about pass muster.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Rock Lobster

You can hardly turn on the telly these days without witnessing a "celebrity" or two off on a travelogue or as I like to call it a jolly on the licence payer's expense.
There is always someone off to Kathmandu, the frozen North or the source of the Amazon.
Poor Julie Walters drew the short straw and got great coastal train journeys of the United Kingdom. On ITV so a poor man's Michael Portillo.
Unfortunately for Julie she didn't get to fraternize with tigers, polar bears or camels. No, the closest she got was lobsters and, in the highlight of the programme for me, this popped up as the background music.

I can't believe it has never featured before but that appears to be the case. Neither equally strangely has Planet Claire.
Rest assured I've given myself a severe talking to

The B-52's -Rock Lobster

The B-52's - Planet Claire

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Covered By Cash -Down There By The Train

A unanimous victory last week for Simon and Garfunkel  with Bridge Over Troubled Water. That is unanimous among those that chose to vote. A good few were not that enamoured with either track and felt that Johnny would have had a much better chance with The Boxer or even better The Sound of Silence. I am inclined to agree.
The first defeat for a while sees the score now sitting at Cash 4 The Rest 3.

Today I was going to feature Rowboat but couldn't source a copy of the Beck original which I only heard for the first time via You Tube last week. If anyone could oblige I would be grateful.
Plan B sees Johnny up against Tom Waits with Down There By The Train with his version from the original American Recordings record.
Silk versus gravel.
 I struggle with Tom Waits (although this is one of his better numbers) so for me there can only be one winner and that's The Man in Black.
Others, of course, may choose to disagree

Johnny Cash - Down There By The Train

Tom Waits - Down There By The Train